Made to Order

We cut the meats and cheeses for each sandwich only a few short seconds before we put the entire sandwich together and wrap it tightly in heavy butcher paper.We do not pre-slice the meats and cheeses and work off of stacks throughout the day.

Cutting our meat and cheese fresh to order ensures each sandwich we sell is at the peak of freshness.

Our tuna sandwich provides another example of our made-to-order philosophy. We build a customer-specified salad for each order of this sandwich.

Slicing to Size

We use a variety of Italian deli meats on our sandwiches: hot sopresatta, Prosciutto di Parma, genoa salami, hot capicola, hard salami, mortadella, and pepperoni. We cut each of these meats to thicknesses that allow the characteristic flavors and textures of each individual meats to shine. For example, the proper thickness for Prosciutto di Parma and salami differ greatly. The settings of our retrofitted slicer correspond to each meat so every piece that falls off the slicer has the proper thickness.

When it comes to getting slicing thicknesses straight, we don’t forget about the tomatoes we serve. We serve some of the best tomatoes you can find in Chicago and slice them to the ideal thickness for sandwiches.


We follow a specific step-by-step process when we build each of our sandwiches. For example, we use the following order to stack the meats and cheese on our Italian sub: provolone, hot capicola, Genoa salami, mortadella, and hard salami. We strive to add only the proper proportions of each ingredient and to make sure that all ingredients are evenly spread out across the sandwich.

Ready to Travel

To ensure our sandwiches travel well, we wrap each tightly in sturdy butcher paper and seal them with our JPG sticker. Our customers depend on us for subs at crucial times — concerts at Ravinia, summer boat excursions on Lake Michigan, football games — because they know our sandwiches were made to travel and want to Taste Real Chicago!